About Me:
My name is Jack. I love to design logos jerseys and anything else about hockey. My love of hockey art first started a few years back when I was about 11. I found a great blog: "Tournament of Logos“, I could not get away from it. I didn’t know a lot about design, so I repeatedly checked for updates. My family got a new computer and my love of hockey art came back about a year later when I found my new favorite blog: icethetics.info. I started some concepts and continued to make some not so great logos and jerseys. I only had Microsoft PowerPoint available. As I got better, so did my art. I am constantly thinking of new ideas for my art and work on it almost every day. I don't think I will ever run out of ideas.

About Goal Line Design:
Goal Line Design is my portfolio for hockey art including designs for, uniforms, logos, jerseys, and everything  you can imagine about hockey design. Everything you find here, is designed by me, Jack. I decided to end Enforced Logos for multiple reasons. First off, just the title was lame. I think Goal Line Design is more a preview of what you are going to find. I also noticed other hockey art sites are more popular, like Icethetics and PuckDrawn. Look at those names. So I think GLD is just a step forward. I also want a fresh start. I think I have dramatically changed in skill since the start of EL. When people look here, I want them to see the skill I have now, not my old work. I am also going to worry less about views and more about making more art and posting it. (No more hit-counter). I hope you enjoy the new site, Goal Line Design.

About Enforced Logos:
Enforced Logos was started on January 5th, 2010 but was changed to GLD on June 21st, 2010. Much like Goal Line Design, Enforced Logos was a blog about hockey art, including uniforms, logos, jerseys, and more. I loved to design logos jerseys and anything  about hockey.  I posted a number of projects and jerseys including a full NHL jersey rebrand.  Every single graphic you find on EL was made using nothing but Microsoft PowerPoint. I did realize I did not have much skill when creating my jerseys and logos. So, based on the number of views and crappy concepts, I re-launched an upgraded blog known as Goal Line Design.

What separates Goal Line Design from those other hockey design sites?:
Everything on GLD is made by me. Don't get me wrong, those sites are way better than mine, but there is a small difference. Feel free to check out the other sites as much as i do for jersey news and rumors. But if your are in need for concepts, GLD is here for you! 

Favorite Websites: