Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Flyers Vs Rangers Winter Classic! (Bmac Design)

Hey everyone. I'm sure you have all heard the rumors that the next Winter Classic will be held in Philadelphia. I have taken all of my previous designs and added an update!

I think it is appropriate because it has been a while since i updated it and i think my skill has dramatically changed. I am very happy with the updated version. The changes are minor but noticeable. I wanted to make it more like the original with adding hints of modernization.  I think the most notable point of change is the addition of white. I added enough to make it part of the jersey, without leaving the original design.

Go Flyers!


  1. It's at Citizen's Bank, not Lincoln Financial.

  2. Hey, great to have you back, the addition of white looks great, maybe vintage white would look more, vintagey, either way, looks great