Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Year Anniversary!

January 5th is GLD's year anniversary! I can't believe its been a year! (since my first hockey art blog Enforced Logos) Anyway, overall, we have about 350 posts, 650 jerseys and around 21,695 views all in one year!! THANK YOU!!!! I promised i would have a new logo for you today. Here is the deal. On New Years day, Chris, At icethetics changed his layout. The idea i had in mine was pretty darn close. I was planing on using a new lay out, font, and navy, baby blue, and silver. I will still add the logo but i will keep the page the same. (For now) In the mean time, check out a number of new logos, including a special anniversary one & a new 'unused logo'. THANK YOU!!!!!
-Jack Gambro


  1. Take that 2nd logo and make the font Canuck green. That would be pretty unique.