Thursday, November 18, 2010

Original GLD Concept Produced In China

Early this morning i got an email from my friend Glen. He sent me a message saying he saw a Chinese knock-off site selling a jersey similar to one i created. I looked in to it and i was really exited. You can see that site by clicking here.
The jersey being sold if one from my resent redesign of all the NHL teams jerseys. The leafs. You can see that original post/jersey by clicking here. It's not my best, but hey it's mine! If you follow the popular hockey art site, Hockey Jersey Concepts, you know he had a similar story. You can see that by clicking here. Back to the jersey. It is a mostly blue jersey with 3 white stripes on the sleeves, 2 across the bottom, and the shoulders, collar, and shield triangle. It is nearly identical to the jersey i posted on October 10th. I made a comparison below. The only major different things are the shoulder logos and the bottom striping.
So go get my jersey! It's only about 50 bucks after shipping. And if you want some AWESOME cheap close to authentic jerseys, here is your site. I have gotten 4 jerseys from Jersey mall and all of them are awesome. You can see an album of the jerseys i got on the old Enforced Logos FaceBook page here.


  1. from toronto. there is NO way i am not buying this jersey..AWESOME!!

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