Friday, September 10, 2010

(Possible) Capitals Winter Classic Jersey Leak!!

Today i got an email from someone i have never heard from or of. They asked to not say their name or email but wanted me to post this. Its pretty cool. I never ever get emails from fans, and to get this one is amazing. As everyone knows, the Penguins are hosting the Capitals in Pittsburgh on January 1st 2011 for the Winter Classic. The Capitals have plans to release their jerseys on October 2nd but we have something better than waiting. The Capitals don't really have too many unis to pick from and many people have anticipated something like the jerseys you see below. They did not say in the email where the found/took this picture. It looks like a nice RBK edge jersey. If it is fake they did a good job. I have no way of knowing because they have not returned any of my emails. If you have any questions or comments email me or leave em below.

As i said, it looks pretty nice. There are a few things worth talking about. There are 6 alternating color stars below the red shoulders on front. It looks like they are too high to fit a 'C', 'A' or Winter Classic patch above it, like in this concept. Also, maybe it's because you can't completely see the sleeves but i don't see the stars going down like the original first jerseys the team wore. You might remember the first jersey i posted on GLD was a jerseys like this. You can see that by clicking here. I made a more clear concept of what we see here: {PS the back is a complete guess}

That's all i have. That'd be pretty sick if this was a legit leak. But, it might be complete bogus. If it is real, remember where you heard it first!


  1. Jack-
    This is really cool!!!!!!! i can't believe you got your hands on this before anyone else. Good job. But, i think its fake. im sure theyll wear somthing like this, but i dont think this is right. we'll have to see. congrats again

  2. I saw the jersey on the day of release on the website, looked somethin like this